Theatre Valentine Box Captures the Heart

It used to be that a Valentine’s party was a few 50 cent Wonder Woman cards and a heart-shaped cookie on a brown paper towel. These days, things have gotten a bit more elaborate… especially the Valentine boxes! Both of my elementary-aged children– a fifth grader and a first grader– were charged with making special boxes to hold their special valentines.

My fifth grade, theatre-crazed daughter, Ruby, decided on a theatre-themed valentine box.

We took inspiration from this:

We gathered our materials:

If I had it to do over again, with the way we decided to leave the box completely closed, I would have gotten wrapping paper to cover the box instead of cardstock. It would have been faster, easier, and involved less cutting and seams.

We got to work:

1. I wanted to make a curtain that would open and close like in the Three Little Pigs puppet theatre, but realistic Ruby feared the curtain would get broken by classmates if it could move. So, we began by cutting the curtain to size and stapling it to the top of the box.

2. Next we cut a hole in the back of the box (so you could see onto the stage) and taped the rest of the box closed with packing tape.

3. Then we covered the entire box in turquoise cardstock (Although you’re going to be wiser and use wrapping paper!). I believe it was somewhere around this time she decided we needed a slot in the top so that cards would fall behind the stage curtain, so we cut it as well.

4. There was some red, glittery washi tape left over from her brother’s valentines which she decided to use to line the edges of the box. I wasn’t sure about this decision at first, but after it was done, I really thought it added nice dimension.

5. She used a Creative Memories heart punch to cut out 8 hearts. Two of these she turned into the theatre happy/ sad faces (like in the MASK logo).

6. She used some old sticker letters to write “Ruby’s Theatre” on the front and some left-over paper from the hearts to put an “admission” sign above the slot for the valentines.

7. Finally, she used string, construction paper, and a toilet paper tube to create a Charlotte and a Wilber from “Charlotte’s Web” to add to the stage.

And there you have it… a theatre-themed Valentine box!