“Busytown” Premiers this Weekend

The stage has been set for a whimsical adaptation of the Richard Scary’s “Busytown”.  You will watch as Huckle the Cat sets out to discover what people do all day.  Huckle will see cars buzz around town, watch as residents buy and sell from local shops, witness a house being built, and learn how Betsy Bear gets a letter to her grandmother.  It’s all a day in the life of Busytown!
Kaydn Turnbow, who is making his MASK debut as a construction worker said, “I think it’s very spunky and cute.  There are 5th grade kids acting for little kids.  We’re doing stuff little kids could do.”
Just as many children may, Kaiya Chell feels a personal connection to “Busytown”.  She said, “I was very excited because I used to watch this show (on tv) when I was little, and I am so excited to get to be in it!” 
Isabella Anderson, who plays the postman, also seems sure that kids will love this production.  “I think that it’s (a) really good (production) because it’s more of a children’s musical and I don’t think I’ve ever done anything like that.  It is also a book and show, so I think it’s really good for young children.  I also think the Magic City Discovery Center is a really good place to do it.”
Besides adding to the whimsy of the show, the Magic City Discovery Center will be allowing families to explore the museum before and during the intermission of “Busytown”.  This is truly a family friendly show!
Xylia Michels seemed to sum it up best when asked why people should come to see “Busytown”.  She said, “it’s very funny and they would love it!”
For tickets for tonight, Saturday, or Sunday, visit https://makeascenekids.com/busytown-tickets/