Eating for “Alice”

Not to brag, but I am somewhat known for my skills in the kitchen.  My pulled pork is better than any Bar B Que joint.  My dairy free, gluten free lasagna is legendary.  And my family would rather eat my General Tso’s than call in carry-out.  BUT, none of this is to say that I actually enjoy cooking.

Ok, let’s say I lived in a world where no one wanted help with homework or conflict resolution with a sibling while I was cooking AND someone did all the dishes afterwards… maybe then I’d like cooking.  Until that perfect world exists, I either have to suck it up and cook, or go out.

Eating out is fine.  Occasionally, it is even enjoyable, but I feel best about eating out when I can truly support someone else with our family’s hefty bill!

If you feel the same way, and you love Make a Scene Kids as much as I do, you are in luck! As you probably know, MASK is embarking on a journey with Minot State’s Summer Theatre group to bring you “Alice in Wonderland”. Although exciting, it will cost $10,000 to bring this show to the stage. If you have an extra few thousand lying around, I am sure MASK would be happy to accept that donation! If not, please consider supporting “Alice” by either eating at/ or volunteering at these upcoming events:

Thursday, May 4, 5-7 pm: 50% of your purchase at Taco John’s will go to MASK (must mention the organization or present flyer). You read that, right? FIFTY percent!

Monday, May 8, 5-9 pm: 20% of your purchase at Pizza Ranch will go to MASK (Please present the flyer or mention MASK.) There will also be two shifts, 5-7 and 7-9 for actors and parents to bus tables. MASK will receive 20% of sales and 100% of tips.

May 21, 4-7 pm: Both locations of QDoba will be giving MASK a percentage of sales. There are also a few spots left for actors and parents to bus tables.

June 3, 10 am-4 pm: We will be holding a concession stand at the library. If we have a volunteer who would ask local businesses to donate hog dogs, buns, chips and soda, we could offer a $5 lunch and receive 100% of the profits. We will also need bakers to make bake sale items and parents to man the table on the 3rd.

So please donate your time and talents to making “Alice and Wonderland” spectacular. Or, if you are unable to volunteer, at least skip cooking dinner for a night (or four!).